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Organic fruits & vegetables Basket Delivery. Organic, seasonal produce from local farms to your door

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From the garden to your home, same day harvested organic certified food
Subscription based delivery service

Every week our valued customers receive organic fresh food baskets delivered direct from the countryside to their homes. Certified fresh organic quality food basket from local producers. "BIG" Organic Basket @ Bea & Jordi

Main Benefits

  • Easy Very tasty food direct from the garden to your home
  • Flexible Pause or cancel whenever you want
  • Sustainable No plastics & You are supporting sustainable producers
  • Healthy You will not find anything healthier

Our baskets:

Try our service, no commitment / Subscription
Example of a basket: 1 kg albergínia
1 u brocoli, aprox 700gr
1 u carbassa cacahuet, aprox 2 kg
1 kg carbasso
1 kg ceba morada
1 enciam meravella
1 kg moniato
1 manat pastanaga
1 kg patata vermella
0,5 kg llimona
1 kg mandarina
1 kg poma
+7 Kg
35€ / week delivery included
1-2 persons aprox*
(17,50€ / persona / week)
Example of a basket: 1 kg carbasso
1 kg ceba figueras
1 u col
1 u coliflor
1 enciam meravella
1 manat espàrrec
1 u espinacs
1 kg moniato
1 kg patata blanca
0,5 kg pebrot
0,5 kg alvocat
1 kg platan
1 kg poma
1 kg taronja
55€ / week delivery included
3-4 persons aprox*
(13,75€ / persona / week)
Example of a basket: 1 kg albergínia
0,25 kg all sec
1 u all tendre
1 u bleda colors
1 kg carxofa
1 manat ceba tendra
1 manat col kgale
1 u enciam
1 u escarola
1 manat esparrec
1 kg favetes
1 u fonoll
1 manat pastangues
1 kg patata blanca
0,5 kg pebrot verd
1 kg tomàquet pera
1 kg mandarina
1 kg platan
1 kg taronja
1 kg poma
80€ / week delivery included
5-6 persons aprox*
16€ / persona
Special fruits & raw veggies selection for offices. Aprox 19 varities
80€ / week delivery included

* Depending on your diet.

Please read our frequently asked questions page


REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE Why? Vegetables in a recycled box, which you can reuse, recycle or return. Zero plastics, zero packaging, zero paper, zero production, zero waste.

LOCAL, SEASONALWhy? Holistic healing; each season, the earth gives you all the nutrients that your body needs. Zero imported food = zero fuel for transport = zero environmental pollution.

AGROECOLOGY Why? Artisan farmers work the land as their grandparents did, helping biodiversity and sustainability. We refuse chemical products, pesticides, and the industrialization of the food system ...                 

TOP SYSTEM AND CONSCIENT CONSUMER Why? Save time and money, buying safely, easily and comfortably ... And without doing anything, receive weekly an organic, fresh food basket direct from the country, to your home. Following your comments, we will prepare your basket with the best of the week in the garden, always a different mix than the previous one.

Made with ❤︎ in Barcelona

Hi! I am Marina Figueroa, I work making easy for everyone to have a more sustainable and environmental friendly life. My job is like to build a "green bridge" between the main producer, the farmer in country side, and the consumer, the citizen, for promote the benefits of a greener lifestyle, to guarantee the sustainability and health of our lands, and the future generations. This is what I want to do. One day, times of eating "plastic food" will be gone and I will be very proud to have contributed to this goal. If you want to know more please check my blog Marina Figueroa.

The producers of these good foods are local artisans, people who care for the land with respect and for generations. We work so they can continue working: Parc Agroecològic de Gallecs, Can Jornet, Can Ginesta, Cal Mama

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Please read our frequently asked questions page

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works
Organic certified fresh food delivery service that works by subscription. In order to fully appreciate our organic service, each subscription option requires an initial 4-week commitment (4 baskets delivered), after which customers can cancel at any time.
Why the 4 weeks subscription?
This is not the grocery store. Nature need there own time, because of that, the farmers has to very well planning, the next weeks tasks in the garden. Preparing baskets, but also seedlings, planting, harvesting, ... For a better organization, is better to know as soon as possible, how many people will wait for real food on next weeks...
Can I try it?
Sure, we added a trial basket. Go to "Sign up" and select "trial basket". The trial basket, is one week only, no commitment.
Are the baskets different every week?

Following your comments, we'll prepare your baskets with the best of the week, always a different mix than the previous one. Seasonal products only.

Where the products come from?
Maresme & Montseny area. Local Producers with ecologic certification id: Parc Agroecològic de Gallecs CT/19 07/P, Can Jornet CT1360PE, Can Ginesta, Cal Mama CCPAE CT/ 003477 / P.
These artisan farmers work the land as their grandparents did, with a focus on biodiversity and sustainability and by refusing to use chemical products and pesticides. Just local & seasonal fruits and vegetables. Less imported food, packaging, plastic and chemicals. Buying directly from local farmers who work in a sustainable way is voting for the type of future you want.
We will try to expand and provide more details about each producer soon.

Full list of products here
Full list of products here
Delivery. Barcelona area only
No hidden fees, the delivery service is included in the upfront price. After purchase, We'll contact you as soon as possible to arrange optimal delivery times. We do direct delivery from the garden, to your kitchen, in Barcelona area only. The delivery amount is included in the full price.
Taxes: 4% IVA, 2% Stripe comission, delivery, basket,... everything included.
Need to pause the subscription?
Out of the city? No problem, pause it at any time. When you decide it, you can start again with the fresh food delivery service.
Do you have any other question?
Please contact us! We will be happy to help.

How to get started?

Sign up! Fill your information and choose the basket you want. Then you will be redirected to our payment processor, stripe, set your credit card and we will call you after to arrange first time delivery!

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Organic fruits & vegetables Basket Delivery. Organic, seasonal produce from local farms to your door

Organic Basket Subscription

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before signing up

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Made with ❤︎ in Barcelona

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